Cover more ground with your company research —
and let no risk slip past

Surface unknown unknowns

Identify hidden insights in dark, noisy data that everyone else is overlooking

Stay aware with zero effort

Get alerted on every material development — without having to search

Shift your window to act earlier

Eliminate time-intensive data gathering by tapping into two million sources instantly

Scale outcomes — not budgets

Let AI do the heavy lifting so your research team can focus on higher value analysis


Refocus your time on what you do best: making strategic decisions — faster than ever before.

Private Equity +

Due diligence
Risk and ESG Intelligence
Company engagement

Asset Managers +
Hedge Funds

Portfolio and ESG intelligence
Company engagement
Idea generation


Know Your Customer (KYC)
Due diligence
Risk and ESG Intelligence

Sovereign Wealth +
Pension Funds

Portfolio screening
Risk and ESG intelligence
Company + manager engagement


Due diligence
Underwriting risk intelligence
Compliance evidence


Supply chain intelligence
Investor relations support
Compliance evidence

Unmatched coverage

Extract hidden insights from unstructured data —
faster than anyone else

Screen for AHP
  • 500k entities - private and public companies, municipal and infrastructure projects, people, and products

  • 2m data sources — company filings, regulatory docs, global media, government databases, legal proceedings, sanction lists, patents, NGO reports, and more

  • 65 languages (24 natively; 41 translated), and 130 countries

  • Controversies mapped to SFDR (PAI), SDGs, SASB, UNGC, and modern slavery acts (UK, Australia, German Supply Chain Act) 


Trusted by leading financial institutions


Kunjal Gala
Head of Global Emerging Markets

“Auquan's unknown unknowns add a valuable thematic and local feel to our EM portfolios with a global footprint — without requiring us to search.”

Federated Hermes


Paul Jourdan
CEO and
Portfolio Manager

“When it comes to tracking underreported small cap company developments and risks, Auquan is our go-to solution.”

Amati Global Investors

Senior Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager

“Auquan's research helped us understand the alpha signals in our data better. They uncovered hidden relationships within the data that allowed us to increase our investment strategy’s predictive power.”


Auquan in the news

Leading the way in AI for financial services

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Auquan raises funding to deliver AI-powered insights to financial services

"The startup has ambitious plans to help financial services providers make sense of the vast amounts of unstructured data they deal with."

— Mike Wheatley, Silicon Angle

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Three Ways AI Is Changing the Private Equity Game

"AI is giving PE firms the ability to gather the private company intelligence they need to move faster than their competitors — a critical factor in the private equity game."

— Chandini Jain, Founder & CEO, Auquan

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7 Top Investment Firms Using AI for Asset Management

"AI has become a powerful tool for portfolio managers who need to uncover the unknown 'unknowns' relevant to the companies in their portfolios and their investment themes."

— Chandini Jain, Founder & CEO, Auquan

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Auquan under the hood

Actionable intelligence you can trust —
powered by Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Auquan's Intelligence Engine uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), a cutting-edge enhancement to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and generative AI that addresses common AI pitfalls in the enterprise. RAG combines the strengths of retrieval-based models and generative models: the ability to pull real-time, accurate information from vast amounts of unstructured data — and the ability to craft natural, accurate summaries.