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Get financially material hidden insights delivered ahead of market with Auquan’s Portfolio Intelligence Engine.

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Maximise the scale and scope of your investment research

Cover more ground and focus your time on higher-value analysis — so you’re always prepared to act before the market does.

Illustration for Eliminate time-consuming manual research

Eliminate time-consuming manual research

Illustration for Surface under-the-radar unknown unknowns

Surface under-the-radar unknown unknowns

Illustration for Understand and track hidden risks and opportunities

Understand and track hidden risks and opportunities

Illustration for eliminate Errors and Data Gaps

Receive continuous insights without having to search

Continuous research and analysis tailor made for finance professionals

Our analyst team will customise Auquan’s Portfolio Intelligence Engine to deliver all the insights you need, when you need them.

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    Portfolio + company intelligence

    Understand and monitor hidden and emerging risks related to your companies and their value and supply chains so you’re always ahead of the market.

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    Idea generation

    Identify new investment ideas aligned with your strategy, including second and third order supply chain winners — before the market prices them in.

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    ESG intelligence

    Go beyond third party ratings and self-reporting to uncover ESG issues and opportunities hidden in supply chains so you can act before the market and the public.

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    Biodiversity + climate intelligence

    Enhance your understanding and reporting with the most comprehensive biodiversity and climate impact assessments involving all physical locations and supply chain entities.

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    Custom research services

    Generate in-depth research for due diligence, risk analysis, and new investment opportunities in a fraction of the time and cost of conducting research in-house.

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See how AUQUAN
Can work for you.


Illustration for Value + supply chain mapping

Value + supply chain mapping

Fully map the global footprint of every company and related entity in your portfolio, including supply chains, value chains, subsidiaries, and partners.

Illustration for Risk + business driver insights

Risk + business driver intelligence

Understand hidden and emerging reputational and regulatory risks and constantly changing business drivers for your companies, supply chains, and sectors.

Illustration for Continuous activity monitoring

Continuous activity monitoring

Track relevant sentiment, issues, and events by tapping into more than one million sources of formal, informal, and proprietary information originating in 22 languages

Illustration for Analyst-curated analysis

Analyst-curated insights

Leverage the power of AI to separate signals from the noise — and insights from the signals — all curated by Auquan’s analyst team and delivered to you when you need it.


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  • Get alerted to relevant news and trends without having to search
  • Explore hidden relationships to identify risks and opportunities
  • Filter out the noise and focus only on material information and insights
  • Leverage custom dashboards, emails, and API integrations

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Our testimonials

Global Asset Manager

Neuberger Berman

“Auquan's research helped us understand the alpha signals in our data better. They uncovered hidden relationships within the data that allowed us to increase our investment strategy’s predictive power.”

Sr. Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager

Kunjal Gala

Federated Hermes

“Auquan's unknown unknowns add a valuable thematic and local feel to our EM portfolios with a global footprint — without requiring us to search.”

Head of Global Emerging Markets

Paul Jourdan

Amati Global Investors

“When it comes to tracking underreported small cap company developments and risks, Auquan is our go-to solution.”

CEO and PM

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